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Zebra GK888T Desktop Printer

  • Zebra 物超所值的 GK888T 桌面打印機可提供卓越的性能和可靠性,適用於各類中、低量打印應用。
    這款打印機採用了節省空間的設計,使用強大的32 位處理器,可快速打印標籤,支持簡體和繁體
    設備還同時支持EPL™ 和強大的ZPL® 編程語言。

  • Zebra GK888T Desktop Label Printer / Barcode Printer Specifications

    Printer Specifications
    Resolution : 203dpi / 8 dots per mm
    Memory: Standard 8MB SDRAM; 8MB Flash
    Print Width: 4.09"/104mm
    Print Length: 39"/990mm
    Print Speed : 4" per sec/102mm per sec
    Media Sensors: Transmissive and reflective

    Media Characteristics
    Maximum label and liner length: 39"/900mm
    Maximum label and liner width:4.25"/108mm
    Maximum roll diameter: 5"/127mm O.D. on a 1"/25.4mm I.D. core
    Core diameter: 1"/25.4mm to 1.5"/38mm
    Using media adaptor plates(included): 2.0"/50.8mm,2. 5"/63.5mm and 3"/76.2mm
    Media thickness: 0.003" /(0.08 mm) to 0.0075" /(0.19 mm)
    Media types: Roll-fed or fanfold, die cut or continuous, deirect thermal labels with or without black mark, tag stock

    Ribbon Characteristics
    Outside diameter: 1.36"/35mm
    Standard length: 244"/74m using 0.000328" ribbon thickness
    Width: 1.30"/33mm to 4.30"/110mm
    Ribbon setup: Ribbon wound ink side out
    Core I.D.: 0.5"/13mm

    Operating Characteristics
    Operating temperature: 40° F /5° C to 105° F /41° C
    Storage temperatures: -40° F/-40° C to 140° F /60° C
    Operating humidity: 10-90% non-condensing R.H.
    Storage humidity: 5-95% non-condensing R.H.

    Auto-detecable (PFC Compliant) 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

    Physical Characteristics
    Width: 7.9"/201mm
    Depth: 8.2"/208mm
    Height: 6.7"/170mm
    Weight: 3.0Ibs/1.4kg

    Communication and Interface Capabilities
    Centronics parallel (36 pin) connector ports
    RS-232 serial inferface
    USB 1.1v

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