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TTO code band

The growing demand for specific applications in the market, particularly for foul resistance and high-definition barcodes, has led to aproduct line for TTO coding strips.

TTO code bands are divided into two main categories:

  1. 1. Mix the base ribbon

- Universal ribbons for all speeds

- Good anti-fouling and scratch resistance

- Can withstand 100C of good heat resistance

  1. 2. Resin-based ribbon

- Prints slower than a mixing base

- Excellent anti-fouling and scratch resistance, better than mixed base ribbon

- Can withstand 250C of excellent heat resistance

Please note: Pure wax base ribbons are not suitable for TTO code band applications.

TTO common applications

  • Printed directly on soft plastic films in the food processing industry (noodles, chips, frozen foods, etc.), for certain cosmetics (such as creams and other liquid products) and pharmaceuticals are common.
  • Printers designed to print directly on packaging films can be integrated into the packaging line, and some models meet the requirements of high throughput applications and can operate at speeds of up to 1 meter per second.
  • Thermal transfer provides maximum flexibility for custom packaging: alphanumeric characters, logos, and barcodes all have good visuals and are therefore easy to read. In order to avoid expiration dates or barcodes being erased, thermal transfer ribbons that are resistant to the product packaging process and the various constraints used must be used: friction, handling, food, chemicals, etc.



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