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Elypso card printer
  • Elypso card printer

    The versatile front-desk card system

    Single-sided, Double-sided
    Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless
    Card lifespan:
    1-3 years
    Number of cards per year:
    Between 5,000 and 30,000
    Card security level:

    Versatile card printer for instant issuance

    The Elypso printer was designed for all your individual plastic card printing and personalization needs: monochrome or color, with multiple encoding options.

    Specially developed for use at customer-facing counters, Elypso fits seamlessly with your existing systems and is your best choice for instant card personalization.
    Elypso is ideal for instant issuance of:
    Payment cards
    Transit passes
    Loyalty cards / gift cards
    Healthcare cards


    As part of our eco-design system aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our products, Evolis:

    uses recycled materials in the manufacture of our printers and consumables whenever possible,
    designs compact and lightweight printers to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and packaging,
    reduces the power consumption of its printers through a very economical hibernation mode.

  • A modular and compact card printer

    Configuration on demand

    Elypso printers are fully modular. Not only can Elypso print either single or dual sided cards, it can also be equipped with encoders for magnetic stripe and contact and contactless smart cards.
    The software architecture of Evolis Premium Suite® was designed to make Elypso fit seamlessly with your existing computer systems.

    Professional print quality

    Elypso uses the same print engine as our Primacy printer, which offers photographic print quality (resolution 300 dpi).
    Optimal color rendering and edge-to-edge color or monochrome printing ensure professional quality cards.

    Space savingElypso

    Very compact (barely bigger than a standard letter size sheet of paper) and quiet (48 decibels in operation), 
    Elypso is discreet and has a small footprint.
    The cables and connectors are located at the rear to reduce cable clutter

    Friendly and fast for the long term

    Ease of use

    Elypso is so easy to use, you can start printing cards immediately. There’s no need to spend time and money on training.
    Thanks to Elypso’s unique front-loading design, insertion and retrieval of cards makes it easy to access even in tight spaces.
    With the Evolis Premium Suite® software you can receive notifi cations and easily control the printer from your computer.
    Evolis High Trust® printing ribbons are easy to install and automatically recognized by the printer.

    Less waiting time

    With Elypso, get a personalized dual sided color card in less than 30 seconds!
    Save time and impress your clients with fast card delivery, that will boost your organizations brand image.

    Sustainable investment

    Elypso is designed with carefully selected materials, and our quality and compliance testingguarantee high reliability so you save on maintenance and/or repair costs.
    In addition, Elypso is upgradeable so you can manage your investment as your needs evolve.

  • General features

    Direct-to-card dye-sublimation/Resin thermal transfer
    Edge-to-edge printing, single-sided, upgrade kit for dual-sided printing as an option
    Standard 300 x 300 dpi resolution
    Customizable 300 x 600 dpi resolution (color and monochrome printing) or 300 x 1200 dpi resolution (monochrome printing only)
    32 MB memory (RAM) standard - optional 64 MB1

    Printing performances

    Single side :
    Color (YMCKO): 20.2 s per card
    Monochrome: 6.5 s per card
    Dual side (YMCKO-K): 27.3 s per card


    USB (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0), cable supplied
    Ethernet TCP-IP 10BaseT, 100BaseT (Traffic Led)
    802.11b/g wireless connection as an option

    Card management and specifications

    Manual feeder: card to card printing
    Reject tray: 30 cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil) as an option
    Card thickness: 0.50 to 1.25 mm (20 to 50 mil), no gauge adjustment, case by case for the 0.25 mm/10 mil plastic cards
    Card types:
    PVC cards
    Composite PVC cards
    PET cards
    ABS cards1
    Special varnished cards1
    Card format: ISO CR80 - ISO 7810 (53.98 mm x 85.60 mm)


    Additional encoding modules

    Available modules:

    Magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811 HiCo/LoCo, JIS2
    Smart contact station ISO 7816-2
    Contact smart card encoder - PC/SC, EMV 2000-1
    Contactless smart card encoder - ISO 14443A, B, ISO15693, Mifare, DesFire, HID iCLASS, UHF (standard compliance: EPC C1 Gen2 / ISO18000-6C ETSI EN 302 208 or FCC part 15.247)
    Other specific encoders upon request
    Internal USB or IP ports
    Options can be combined
    Factory-installed or installed on site



    Support for Kensington® security lock
    Data encryption for magnetic encoding1



    Printer LEDs
    Color touch screen as an option
    Graphical notifications from the printer2: cleaning alerts, empty/low level ribbon alert, etc.

    Evolis High Trust® Ribbons

          To maximise the quality and durability of printed cards, the lifespan of the print head and the overall printer reliability, use Evolis High Trust® ribbons.
          Automatic identification and setting
          Delivered in a drop-in cassette for easy handling
          Ribbon saver for monochrome printing
          Automatic identification and setting
          Delivered in a drop-in cassette for easy handling
          Ribbon saver for monochrome printing



    Delivered with Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows™:
    Printer driver
    Evolis Print Center for printer administration and settings
    Evolis Printer Manager for graphical notification3
    24/7 online support
    Compatible with Windows™: (32/64 bits): XP SP3, Vista, W7, W8, W10
    Delivered with a driver for Mac OS X (from 10.6)
    Linux upon request
    Evolis Premium SDK for remote supervision of the printer, while facilitating and speeding up integration into IT systems


    Size and weight

    Size (H x W x D): 195 x 205 x 314 mm (7.68" x 8.07" x 12.36")
    Weight: 2.95 kg (6.5 lbs)

    Eco-friendly design, certifications and statement of compliance

    Standby, sleep modes & reduced energy consumption


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